Mittal Educational & Charitable Trust

Mittal Educational & Charitable Trust

Mittal Educational & Charitable trust is engaged in providing free education to children in villages and undertaking charitable and religious activities. The trust also used to run a preschool in Bangalore with the objective of making profit and the proceeds from this was being used to fund the activities of the Trust.

Richa, Meera & Shalini

Meera Khatuwala, Richa Khatuwala, Shalini Khatuwala, Trustees

The trustees take huge pride and honor in being associated with the trust and to fulfill the activities and purpose of the trust. They take interest and devote their time in all the activities carried from time to time.

The trust undertakes funding for 2 schools in the interior villages of Koderma district and keeps on making periodic donations for religious and charitable activities. Shree Koderma Goushala Samiti which is also an integral part of the activities of Trust and the family members was established by the family members of Trustees which included donating land, building structure and managing the Goushala.

The Trust along with the above is also involved in religious activities which includes establishing temple and managing them in Koderma, Gudur (Nellore), Giridih and various other parts of the country.