Mittal Developers

Mittal Developers

Mittal developers is the first and only real estate company in the town to focus on premium commercial properties. We never escalate price whatsoever, accept buyback proposition, arrange rent backup facility, compensate for delays caused by us, facilitate bank loans and above all we stick to the high quality of construction. Our motto is to promote and develop high quality and premium commercial construction in the town.


Pradip Khatuwala, Promoter

Pradeep Khatuwala

Mr. Pradeep Khatuwala is a renowned businessman of the town with established track record and has a vision of his own. He has been gifted with excellent entrepreneurship and decision making skills.Mr. Khatuwala has expertise in the field of land development and real estate construction. He is undoubtedly capable of handling large scale projects. He is a social man and well known in the town. He has served various positions for different social organizations.

Mr. Khatuwala is a firm believer of the Saying, “Sky is the Limit”. He has diversified his business in a planned and systematic manner. It is his Consistency and Perseverance over the Years that have paid rich Dividends. He is a man of confidence and immense caliber having a vision for future and he is totally committed to expand his business. He is energetic, intelligent and diligent to business and takes quick and firm decisions at right moments considering rapid developments in various spheres of trades.

He is a Team Player and possesses good Leadership and directing capabilities. With an inbuilt Administrative and Managerial skill, he knows how to get things done by others. Mr. Khatuwala is a dynamic personality with his whole & soul devoted towards business. He has his own Vision for future and possesses the foresight and capability of grabbing the business opportunities as and when they come and converting his Vision into reality.

Social Status:
Secretary & Trustee :                                                              Shri Sankat Mochan Trust Mandir, Jhumri Telaiya
Vice President :                                                                        Chamber of Commerce, Jhumri Telaiya, Koderma
Vice President :                                                                        Shree Koderma Goushala Samiti, Jhumri Telaiya
Ex. Secretary & Ex.Vice President :                                       Agarwal Samaj, Jhumri Telaiya
Senior Founder Member :                                                      Shyam Mitra Mandal, Jhumri Telaiya
Ex President:                                                                            National Human Rights Commission, Koderma District
Life member :                                                                           Shri Shyam Mandir, Giridih
Founder Member & Ex Vice President :                               Bharat Vikas Parishad, Jhumri Telaiya
Member:                                                                                   Shiv Tara Sarawati Vidya Mandir, Jhumri Telaiya
Life Member:                                                                            ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness)